Turtur, Prof. Dr.rer.nat.

Use the Casimir-effect

Casimir-forces can be influenced by the material properties and by the shapes of the two surfaces that interact with each other due to the Casimir-effect. If the surface properties of interacting surfaces can be controlled (Pinto has made such proposals using a laser), it should be possible to build a device (applying suitable Micromechanical manufacturing), with which energy might be extracted from the zero-point oscillations of the vacuum, based on a tricky use of the Casimir-effect. Besides thought-experiments, a number of detailed calculations have been performed, which awake hope that the construction of a Casimir-energy-machine should be feasibile. A Link to the work of Fabrizio Pinto is here. Also: Pinto founded a company with the goal to extract energy from the vacuum, using the Casimir-effect. He has got American patents with the numbers #6,650,527 and #6,665,167  and #6,477,028 .