Turtur, Prof. Dr.rer.nat.

Vacuum-fluctuation Battery

Robert L. Forward proposes to charge a spiral of conductive foil electrostatically, whereas the arrangement shall be geometrically small enough that Casimir forces can deform the spiral like a helical spring. Thus the length of the spring would be influenced, which should lead to a movement of the electrostatic charge on the surface of the spring and thus to an alteration of the electrostatic field. The consequence would be, that the Casimir-forces produce an electric current. A longitudinal oscillation of the spring should give the possibility, to extract energy from the vacuum, because the Casimir-forces are non-conservative, i.e. if the coil passes one full cycle of movement (and comes back to the length at which it started), the energy-sum is not zero. A link to the work of Robert L. Forward is here. The original article can be found  here.