Turtur, Prof. Dr.rer.nat.


For everybody, who likes to use my DFEM-Algorithm, but does not have a Pascal-Compiler: Here is the EXE-Version:

Just download the EXE-Version (download here) and download the File "parameter.dat" (download here). Put them together into one directory.

(1.) With a simple Editor (for instance Windows-Editor) you edit the values in the file „parameter.dat“. The comment should remain as it is to give you orientation.

(2.) The store the editted file „parameter.dat“.

(3.) Now run „Var_L_025.exe“. The DFEM-Algorithm now does the computation of the converter with the dimensions chosen by you (in the editor) and writes few data to the screen. Furthermore the program creates a file which can be read with EXCEL to plot the data graphically (see source-code, download hier). The EXCEL-data are stored in a file with the name „test_04.dat“. The organization of the data "Q", "phi" and "Energy" can be seen in the source-code.

I wish success with computation !