Turtur, Prof. Dr.rer.nat.

Stochastic Electrodynamics

Stochastic Electrodynamics (SED) is a theory that yields the same results as the Quantum Theory. Interestingly only a single statement of quantum theory is required therefore, namely the existence of the zero-point oscillations of the harmonic oscillator. Applying this assumption to the electromagnetic zero-point oscillations of the vacuum, it is possible to reproduce the results of Quantum Theory, without using Quantum Theory, for example the blackbody radiation. Also the energy levels of orbital electrons in atomic physics can be derived from Stochastic Electrodynamics (solving even the well-known quantum mechanical problem of radiation emanating from the circulating electrons). All statements of Quantum Mechanics as well the statements of Quantum Electrodynamics can be directly reproduced within Stochastic Electrodynamics without using the formalism of Quantum Mechanics at all. A very extensive bibliography can be found at the homepage one of the major initiators of Stochastic Electrodynamics, Timothy Boyer. Other recent work is done at the Calphysics Institute.