Turtur, Prof. Dr.rer.nat.

Practical conversion of the zero-point energy of the vacuum in the Laboratory

Conversion of Vacuum-energy into mechanical energy: Successful experimental Verification
    ( April 2008: An experimental verification of the vacuum-energy)
A magnetic analogon for the conversion of vacuum-energy into mechanical energy
     (Dez. 2007 / Mai 2008: Consideration for a magnetic analogon to the electrstatic rotor)
Conversion of Vacuum-Energy into Mechanical Energy under Vacuum Conditions
     (Dez. 2008: Exclusion of the influence of gas molecules on the electrstatic rotor)
-   Verification of "over-unity" of the vacuum-energy rotor (only available in English language)
     (April 2009: Measurement of the machine: The produced mechanical power is larger then the electrical power loss !)