Faculty of Computer Science/IT

Mobile Integrated Systems for Environmental Monitoring

Waste from industrialization and urbanization increasingly create a source of pollution in terrestric and aquatic systems leading to land and water pollution and lake eutrophication.


In order to monitor water quality, eutrophication and harmful algal blooms a smartphone app is developed and equipped with additional service features.

Two lectures are offered:

Water Monitoring and Bioremediation Concepts (Course ES I / II; Lecture+Lab)

Prof Preuss / Prof. Skalbeck (UWP), Dr. Sander (Ostfalia)

Participants in will get acquainted with techniques to collect and evaluate data sets under field conditions in order to evaluate and predict eutrophication
status in lake waters. They will get aquainted with bioremediation concepts and the role of monitoring options.


Mobile - Cloud Integrated Systems (Course CS I / II; Lecture+Lab)

Prof. U. Quevedo-Torrero (UWP), Prof. J. Weimar (Ostfalia)

Participants will enhance an existing mobile application with cloud functionality and data analysis capabilities. In lectures the context will be prepared, and in lab sessions with hands-on project work, participants will develop tools for cloud storage, data mining, and statistical analysis of the app data as a service to environmental institutions for a continuous monitoring of different lake regions.




This ISU is part of a two series ISU offer in 2017.
ISU 2 will be hosted by University of Wisconsin at Parkside, Wi, USA, in 13th – 25th of August 2017.
Both ISU will be credited with 5 CP (EU) together, or 2,5 CP (EU) separately for each.

The US part is organised by Heather Miles; for questions please contact: miles@uwp.edu

Ostfalia Students can apply for financial aid to participate in the USA: f.seutter@ostfalia.de.