VITA - Virtual Teaching Assistant

Non scholae, sed vitae discimus. Although the Roman philosopher Seneca actually didn't pose it that way, the essence of this famous quote is without any controversy. Learning is essential for life. And exercises are an integral part of any learning process. Unfortunately this part of learning processes fails somewhat short at today's universities. There are multiple reasons for that, one of them being the lack of teaching resources. VITA targets at strengthening exercising and practising in learning processes by counterbalancing this lack of teaching resources by information technology.

vita im Einsatz

In particular VITA focuses on:

  • developing computer based assessment material
  • advancing electronic platforms for computer aided assessment in order to meet didactic requirements
  • investigating the effectiveness of teaching scenarios which make use of computer aided assessment.

At Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences computer aided assessment is used in different courses in different departments today. It has been an integral part of teaching for a number of years by now. Currently, the major fields of application are courses in math, science and engineering.

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Changing from traditional teaching to reformed teaching triggered by Physics Education Research

Transparencies of talk given by Peter Riegler at 7. International Conference on Physics Teaching in Engineering Education for participants and other interested people.